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уторак, 01. мај 2018.

oMAJeeTAna fraj eN-eR-g-i-YA

==-FIVE OR SIX.another reason.==-BEN WATT.a girl in the winter.==-USERS.sick of you.==-THE BOYS.sick on you.==-THE STEPPES.god’s got religion on you.==-FANCY ROSE.punk police==-RED CRAYOLA.wives in orbit.==-MANCHESTER MEKON.the cake shop device.==-CAMBERWELL NOW.speculative fiction.==-2.3.all time low.==-THE MEKONS.heart and soul==-THE PASSAGE.==-REPTILE RANCH.saying goodbye.==-RUDI.big time.==-THE TIGHTS.bad hearts.==-THE DOLE.new wavelove.==-JAH WURZEL.wuthering heights.==-THE NIGHTINGALES.the crunch.==-troops out.==-GLAXO BABIES.maximum sexual joy.==- THIS HEAT .24 track loop.==-SWELL MAPS. full moon in my pocket.==-PERE UBU.heart of darkness.==- THE EX.state of shock.==- BLURT .empty vessels.==-MEDIUM MEDIUM.serbian village.==-

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